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HY7000 Series

This is the main product - the Bed that will put all other systems to the test. Thermal Jade, state of the art electronics and a great rest.

The Bed does come with either a Wood or Metal frame. Come on in and check it out for yourself! More Info

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Using the same technologies as the full-sized bed, MIGUN has developed a host of other products; All that work on the same principals. Our MIGUN Healthy Mats bring natural health into your home and auto. All MIGUN mats create healthy atmospheres by providing the same far infrared heat as the beds do, while the "100 -Year" stones emit healthy negative ions perpetually. The mat's six-layer construction also completely neutralizes harmful electromagnetic waves. All MIGUN mats can help you relieve pain and stress, relax muscles and improve your circulation. They will also help you relax and attain quality, undisturbed rest.

The Healthy Mat: Discontinued

The Healthy Mat has been discontinued. Thanks for checking out the products!



The Mini Mat

Our first Mini Mat's heated stones will give you a warm, comfortable feeling every time you use it. Put it on the floor and lie down. If you are sitting on the porch on a warm Fall or Spring day, put this on the back of your chair and any chilly breeze will be unnoticeable.

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Mini Pad

This is a great little mat because you can wrap it around you on cold nights. Shoulder pain? Put the Mat around the shoulder! Back pain? Don't rely on those sticky Hot/Cold patches that really don't stay in the place you put them.

*SECRET USE* Want to cure your hiccups? Hiccups happen when your Diaphragm is in spasm. Most people drink cold water which might counter-act the attempted results. The reality is to drink at least Room Temperature water. But want them to go away faster? Wrap the mat around your Diaphragm (just below the lungs) and breath normally.

Muscle spasms?  The Mini Pad will help those go away as well

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Mini Mat DUO

This mat combines the two-way jade heads from our beds with the Mini Mat.  This mat can be put in the back of a chair to put the far infrared heat from the jade heads and the mat into your back.  The jade heads can be arranged on the chair to allow you to put far infrared heat and Acupressure on any trigger point in the back.  You can lie on it to help relieve neck, lower and upper back, shoulder or leg pain.  You can also sit on it to help relieve urinary, bladder, prostate and hemorrhoid issues.

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Back by popular demand - Get the same treatment while driving your car. The car mat uses the same technology as the mini mat. Only difference is you can plug it into your cigarette lighter and enjoy the same comfort. Feel comfortable on long drives, or when you are stuck in traffic.


DISCONTINUED: The Negative ION Bracelet

MIGUN of MADISON still has negative ION bracelets available. Call for more info! The bracelet has the same "100-Year" stone as our mats. Wear one of these and surround yourself with healthy negative ions all day long. Feel AND look better with this little bracelet. You never know. You might run into another person that is wearing the same thing which might just get you into a great conversation about how the MIGUN bed has helped you!

Of course, we have these bracelets readily available and they make a GREAT Stocking stuffer or quick gift like a "Thank You", or Happy Birthday.

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SkinFive Hand Rejuvenator

Your hands are just as important as your back. Losing the functionality in them is something you don't want to see happen. Therefore, MIGUN introduced the Far Infrared/Negative Ion product called the SkinFive Hand Rejuvenator!

This exciting product allows hands to relax on a clay surface that activates reflexology points and produces healthy negative ions and far infrared heat as our bed and mats do.The therapeutic heat penetrates directly into your hands which is great for your skin, and it can help alleviate arthritic joint and carpal tunnel pain and help relieve the stress from daily life.

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Even though this product is no longer available, if you're foot massager is broken, call Wolfgang for service. Who doesn't want a good foot massage? Some people have a big stigma about feet, so they let theirs go untreated. Well, maybe this is the item to get them!

MIGUN's Foot Massager also provides you with far infrared heat and opens up reflexology points on the bottom of your feet while giving them a soothing and relaxing massage.

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Optometrists say that taking care of your eyes should be just like working out. The newest item in the MIGUN line helps out with that. The Nurieye is a way to give your eyes a massage. It also works with the sinuses and pressure points by applying heat, vibration and slight pressure. Strap it on and let the magic work 15 minutes a day.

Check out the PDF on the Nurieye

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So Much More!

Stop by for free trials of all our health improvement products before deciding to purchase one for home use. Migun also periodically adds new items to our fantastic health and wellness line, so come on in and see what's new.

The primary objective (purpose) of the MIGUN bed is muscle relaxation and stress relief. The MIGUN bed is not for everyone. You may want to consult with your physician whether MIGUN is appropriate for you and your specific medical condition. MIGUN does not claim to be a cure for any ailment. Even though MIGUN is FDA approved, we encourage everyone to go out and research the facts about MIGUN.

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